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In a shocking feat by fans, Park Bom’s 2011 single “Don’t Cry” has managed to re-enter music charts as the 2NE1 singer continues to receive backlash for the recent controversies.

Currently, Park Bom is staying out of the public eye due to the drug scandal allegations, and has ceased filming for the reality series “Roommate.”

According to the Korean publication Naver, the producers of “Roommate” made the decision not to cut Park Bom out of the upcoming episodes since she filmed with many of her roommates, but has not been filming since the beginning of July.

Nevertheless, Park Bom is receiving a lot of support from fans during this trying time, and it is evidenced when her single from three years ago suddenly rebounded in the music charts.

According to real-time charts being posted on Twitter, “Don’t Cry” charted at number 45 on the iChart Realtime chart, and shot up to number 9 on the Cyworld realtime charts.

"This is 2NE1 fans sending her a message," commented TheFishHook on Kayoforum. "The fans that did this are amazing."

According to the official blog of “YG Exhibition in Japan” staff members, members of 2NE1 received banners with written messages from fans who attended the exhibition venue after their concert in Kobe.

"The message which you all wrote has already been put inside the backstage of the Kobe concert," said the blog according to YGLadies. "All the members were thrilled and have received more power from your message. In addition, not only members, but all dancers and staff were also touched! Thank you!"

In the accompanying photos, boxes were shown holding gift packages from fans dedicated to CL, Park Bom, Minzy, Dara, as well as the dancers. Out of all the boxes, it appeared Park Bom received the most gift boxes from Japanese fans.


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Hayao Miyazaki on life

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Here’s The Introduction Video For Dragon Quest X On Nintendo 3DS

Square Enix has given us a glimpse of the Nintendo 3DS version of Dragon Quest X.

ok but

is it sheena or shiina???????


We’re not helpless girls who need men’s protection

Again that they tied this lyric to Mamoru’s appearance just makes my day.

Anybody who ever had the idea that Tuxedo Kamen’s role was to save Sailor Moon and the Senshi is being so thoroughly corrected, in song, every episode, and that makes me happy on a mitochondrial level. Mamoru is support. Mamoru is about helping the girls find the strength and the courage to save themselves. That is so, so important.

We’re not helpless girls who need men’s protection

No you fucking aren’t.

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Spologum UKABU

Title: てのひらを太陽に Artist: ピンポン THE ANIMATION 4,833 plays


ピンポン THE ANIMATION OST - てのひらを太陽に

"We’re all alive
It’s because we’re alive that we’re singing
We’re all alive
It’s because we’re alive that we’re sad

When I try to look at the sun through my palms
My blood flows, bright red

Even the worms, even the crickets
Even the water striders
We’re all, We’re all alive
We’re all friends

We’re all alive
It’s because we’re alive that we’re smiling
We’re all alive
It’s because we’re alive that we’re happy”

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Title: Partynauseous Artist: Lady Gaga 13,424 plays

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シャツ : used

Tシャツ : used

スラックス : used

メガネ: vintage


サンダル : used

ウエストバッグ : used



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New Balance Made In USA M998 ‘Baby Blue’

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Title: Timing Artist: 걸스데이 (Girl's Day) 1,398 plays

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Title: Darling Artist: 걸스데이 (Girl's Day) 17,154 plays

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